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Something the lord made | the movie spoiler | plot summary | movie synopsis.

  Something the lord made | the movie spoiler | plot summary | movie synopsis.   Something the  lord   made   is  an inspirational film that tells the story of Dr. Vivian Thomas.  How a  man  who studied  only  up to high school  made  his valuable contribution to the  field  of  medicine . The  story  of the  film  begins in late 1920s.  In that era, the  discrimination  based on  colour  in America  was  at its  peak .  Young Vivian Thomas was  working  as a  carpenter  in an under-construction building.  He  was  a high school student who  wanted  to go to college.  He was  working  for his college tuition fees.  His  father  was  also  a  carpenter ,  taught   him   very well .  One day his supervisor comes to him, pays his daily wages and says that you do good work, but I have to support the other workers too, as they have a family.  He  then   fires   him . Now  a  friend  of Vivian  tells   him  about a  new  job at a  lab  run by one  young  surgeon  named   Dr  Alfred  Blalock

Escape From Pretoria movie spoiler | plot summary | synopsis

  Escape From Pretoria movie spoiler | plot summary | synopsis Film starts with the voice over of Tim Jenkin ( Daniel ) who explains the status of apartheid in South Africa in 1978. The police were shooting the black protestors like dogs, all democratic opposition was silenced with brut force. While the white people enjoyed their peaceful life with their white only beach, black population was perishing. Two white boys Tim Jenkin and his friend Stephen Lee were the members of African National Congress, which wanted non segregated south Africa. Jenkin and Lee actively take part in ANC’s work, whose motto was to establish equal rights to all south adricans, black, white and asians. Jenkin proclaims that freedom can’t be begged, it has to be fought. Now he and Lee plants a leaflet bombs across cape town spreading the message of ANC. Shortly after that both were arrested. Jenkin girlfriend Daphne ( Ratidzo Mambo ) hurriedly meets him in police station and gives some money, asks him not to a

Brittany Runs A Marathon | movie spoilers | plot summary | Synopsis

Brittany Runs A Marathon | movie spoilers | plot summary | Synopsis Brittany is a funny, mischievous, irresponsible and very over weighty (fat) girl who lives in New York City. She lives in an apartment with her roommate Gretchen. Her landlord's name is Catherine, a photographer who runs her own photo studio. Brittany works as a ticket collecter in the New York Broadway Theater. she does not like that job. Her boss always shouts her in vain for lazy work. Brittany and Gretchen always used to do drink, smoke and take the prescription medicine by the doctor as drug. It's common practice in the US to abuse doctor-prescription as drugs. A is a big disease. Many young boys and girls misuse it.   Brittany visits a doctor to get prescription. The doctor checks her and says that she is too overweight, her body mass index is above 31. According to his height her weight is unhealthy. Her liver is getting worse due to this. His blood pressure is high. He suggests her to lose some weight.

Saint Maud Explained in Hindi | Hinglish | Movie Spoilers

     Saint Maud Explained in Hindi|Hinglish|Movie Spoilers  50 States Of Fright ( Part 5 ) | Movie Spoilers | Hinglish Is article  ke  kuch parts  ko famous hindi horror youtube channel @GhostSeries me use  kiya gaya hai , yadi aap video de khana chahatein hai toh vo page  ke end me hai. Aaj me saal 2021 me release huvi ek british psychological horror film ko explain karunga jiska naam hai saint maud. Is film ke writer director hai Rose Glass. Is fim ki IMDB rateing hai 7.1 out of 10. Film ki shuruvaat katie naamak ek nurse ke saath start hotaa hai jo ek hospital me shock me baiti hai. CPR dene ke baavajood bhi vo patient ko bachaa nahi paayi as ek dead body uske saamane thi. Next ham Katie ko uske one room house me dekhatein hai jahan uska naam ab Maud hai. vo ek palliative nurse thi yaani vo terminally ill patients ki dekhabaal karti thi. Vo apane naye job par jaane se pehele prey karti hai as in vo deeply committed believer thi. I mean really committed. Kuch der baad vo apan