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Extraction Movie Spoiler | Plot Summary | Hinglish

Extraction Movie Spoiler | Plot Summary | Hinglish

The film opens with the aerial shots of Dhaka the capital of Bangladesh. Taylor Rake former SASR operative turned black market mercenary is fighting with Bangladesh’s elite black cat commando soldiers. He gets wounded pretty bad and rests calmly on a bridge,images of his son hover in his mind. The story of the film starts two days early.

In Mumbai, India, Ovi Mahajan Junior, the son of notorious drug lord, Ovi Mahajan Sr. is coming from school. He had a tight private security for his daily travel. He visits a restaurant with his friends and enjoys coffee. Later, he comes to his house late. His personal security in charge Saju ( Randeep Hooda ) scolds him for coming late. He tells him to follow the protocol strictly. He was under constant surveillance. One day he escapes from his house to go to a night party with his friends. In the nightclub he parties with his friends.

In the nightclub he and his friend take a smoke break. At that moment, a police inspector and his constable arrives there and catches them with cigarette. Without any warning the inspector kills Ovi’s friend and kidnaps Ovi.

Now his security in charge Saju meets his father in Mumbai Central Jail. Saju informs him that he was kidnapped by rival Bangladeshi drug lord , Amir Asif and he his now demanding ransom. Ovi Mahajan Sr, fumes at Saju and says he wants his son alive at any cost. He says he will not pay any money for his extraction. If he does not get his son safe from there,he will make sure that is family will not walk on streets of Mumbai.He threatens Saju with his family.

Saju discusses this with his wife. He tells her that he has a solution but it is risky, but he is going to do it anyway. Now, in Kimberly Australia, Tyler Rake is enjoying his free time. He jumps from a cliff into a river just for a fun. He meditates underwater for few minutes. After that, he comes to his house, which doesn't look good.He was visited by a lady named Nik Khan, who was his partner in Mercenary. She informs Tyler that she has a new assignment. One drug lord son from India was kidnapped by rival drug lord from Dhaka. The life of proof was six hours ago.They want kid alive. She tells him that this assignment is extremely risky, with her tone she actually wanted Tyler to miss this mission.Tyler asks about his friend living Gaspar, living in Dhaka. She says he is not interested in this kind of jobs any more. Tyler takes the assignment.

Now Tyler gets his briefing from his support team. Everyone is ready, Tyler travels to Dhaka and waits for kidnappers phone. He gets the phone call from the drug lords. They take him to the apartment were they had the kid. Taylor demands Proof of Life in typical Bangla accent “ Pramon Duo”. They shows him Ovi Mahanaj Jr, who was alive and well.

No, Tyler walks out of their apartment to get the money for them. While walking Tyler’s supporting staff kills kidnappers surrounding Tyler with sniper. Now Taylor also kills all remaining kidnappers in that apartment and releases Ovi. Ovi was shocked to his so many dead bodies but he follows Tyler order.He didn't know who this guy was but still follows him.

There was a child kidnapper amoung the kidnappers, Tyler snatches gun from his hand allows him to walk away alive. Now e Amir tortures bunch of kids. Asks them who exactly took the kid?. He throws one kid from roof top to teach lesson to his kids gang. Kid gangs leader Farhad ( Suraj Rikmane ) says he will find the guy.

Now a Bangladeshi Colonel (Shataf Figar ), he is a colonel of Bangladesh Army's Elite group, says extractor had help from outside. Amir orders lock down, he wants a closure on all airports,railway lines, bridges and waterways. Of course when the police and Army take orders from drug lord anything can happen. Lock down of a state capital is piece of cake!!!

Now Tyler and Ovi runs to their extraction point. Tyler gives Ovi his bulletproof vest. Tyler captures a short video of Ovi as a proof of life. He orders him to tell his name and date of birth in video.From then they run towards their extraction point .The extraction point was on a boat in river. since Dakha was surrounded by Rivers their plan was to get on boat. Tyler’s back team were constantly waiting for their payment. They informs Saju that he had seven minutes pay the money. But they get no response from Saju. Now they were not getting any payments, they were played.

On their extraction boat Saju was hiding. He was also a former Special Forces officer, his plan was to get the kid without paying the money. So he kills mercenaries on boat who were helping Tyler. He wanted the boy alive for himself. His plan was to kill Tyler and get the boy. Nik now on phone tells Tyler to avoid extraction point as it was compromised, she starts giving him new locations. Tyler and Ovi now moves back to city. Army officers also now starts chasing them.

Now Tyler and Ovi escapes in a car, Saju and army follows them . Their is some good car chaseing scenes. At the end they enter an apartment building where Tyler it kills dozens of army soldiers. After escaping the apartment he catches up with Saju. Ovi tells Tyler that saju, works for his father. Tyler tells him that he works for his father, Saju didn’t paid the money, their is something messed up.

Tyler and Saju now fights on road, their was hand to hand combat. In the end Tyler hits Saju with truck making him seriously injured. Tyler was also injured badly. His left hand was bleeding.

Now in the night Tyler and Ovi enters a small building. Tyler gets a call from Nik, she explains that they were played. There was no money coming. She tell him to ditch the boy on street and run for his life. She gives him a location for his escape.

Saju was also seriously injured, his nose was broken. He was bleeding from his face. He books a room and calls his wife back in India. He says he was okay, he tells her, if she don’t get any news from him in next 12 hours, she should pack her bag and run from there with cash. He talks with his son.

After taking some rest Tyler and Ovi starts to walk for their new extraction point. They were attacked by kid gangs and their leader Farhad. They tries to attack Tyler Seriously but fails. Tyler hits these kids hard, he breaks Farhad’s finger. Now army again starts chasing them. Tyler and Ovi escapes in underground sewage tunnels.

Tyler calls Nik for helpful form their.She asks their old friend Gaspar for help, he agrees. She gives directions to Tyler on how to navigate in tunnels. Finally Tyler and Ovi comes out of those tunnels. Gaspar takes them to his house ,gives them food and treatment.

After the dinner Ovi asks Tyler about his background, his family, his wife and his child. Tyler says that he was an ex-army officer now a black mercenary, he says he kills people for money. Tyler says he had a child who died, due to lymphoma.He was just six years old and he also says his wife left him, he has no idea where she is.

Ovi says he his like his father. He also kills people and he also treats him as an object, not as a human being, with no compassion nothing. After drinks Tyler and Gasper stats talks. Gapsar says that Ovi is a walking corpse, at least 200 might be dead because of him. Best thing to do for him right now is put a bullet in that his brain. It’s a Mercy. It will be painless as he is not going out of Dhaka alive. Gaspar says their is 10 million dollars bounty on Ovi’s head. He suggests Tyler to get the money and leave Dhaka, he will take care the body. Tyler disagrees and asks him what he did. Gaspar says we both are mercenaries getting paid for killing people is our day job.

Gaspar tells Tyler that he is a friend of Amir Asif, if he agrees he will live. Fight breaks out between Tyler and Gaspar, Ovi meanwhile comes down from sleeping with a gun, pointa it at Gaspar. Gaspar tries to attack Ovi, in nervousness shoots Gaspar. Tyler takes the gun from his hand now both make a new plan.

Saju gets a phone call from Tyler. Tyler says that he will handover Ovi but he need his help for that. He asks him to come to his location. So Saju comes to his location. Tyler hands him a bag of guns, saju asks him why he is doing that? Tyler says because he can. Saju tells him thathis father is threatening him with his family.

Now Tyler makes a plan. He says that he will create a distraction, which will allow Saju to escape with Ovi in car. Tyler creates a distraction by shooting randomly from high position. All the army of officers and police attention now shift the towards Tyler. Meanwhile saju and Ovi escapes.

They reach the bridge whose otherside was the extraction point.Due to the lock down, all the roads were blocked with cars parked randomly. so there was no choice but to walk from there, so Saju and Ovi stats walking. At midpoint on the bridge one army officer catches them. Saju kills him and all those surrounding him.Remaining army officers now rushes to bridge. all the officers were firing at them, they were escaping it desperately.

Tyler also kills as many people as possible and finally ends up at bridge. The Bangladeshi colonel uses a sniper to kill Saju, he hits him on head. Nik and her Extraction team also arrives on the other side of the bridge.Tyler comes and kills as many soldiers as possible. Nick uses sniper kills Bangladeshi snipper.

Tyler was seriously injured, he starts moving towards extraction point. Unfortunately a bullet hits him on his back. It was Farhad who fired the bullet. Tyler struggles to walk, ultimately he reaches to the edge of the bridge and collapse into the river. Nik grabs Ovi and drags him into their helicopter. They all fly out. Amir Asif watches all this from his balcony.

After 8 months, Nik was hiding in men’s wash room in Dhaka. Amir Asif comes their to use it. She puts a bullet in his head. Ovi was in India, he was learning swimming, he jumps from the top of swimming fool stand. When he comes out of water he sees Tyler. Tyler was alive.

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