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SATAN SLAVE 1980| Plot Summary | Movie Spoilers | Hinglish

SATAN SLAVE 1980| Plot Summary | Movie Spoilers 

This article is used as subtitles in explaining this film in hindi. If you want to watch video, its at the end.

Today I am explaining 1980's cult classic film satan's slave. Cult classic films are those who have separate fan base means they are quite popular. This Film is directed by Siswaro Gautam puta .This film's IMDB rating is 5.5 which is decent concept of the film is slightly  different from 2017 film, But do you remember last couple?  you will see them here. To explain this film I faced some challenges
The Problem was, its an Indonesian film with no subtitles .So I read lots' of blogs, reviews, articles then I got the plot. Its possible it may not be 100% accurate, but I am sure  its 95% correct plot may go here & there but you will get it eventually. 

Film starts in an Indonesian city where a rich lady mawarti dies due to a mysterious illness. In the 1st scene we see a funeral where Mawarti's husband. Monarto and  her two children Rita and Tommy  are their with others. there was one lady in black dress looking strange. In the evening they hold a  condolence meeting just like 2017 film, here also Munarto & family were non believers , they don't visit any mosque. Monarto considers religion a superstition. He  was workaholic, rich & believed money as GOD .Money is something but not everything. Rita was also a modern girl who liked discos & parties which according to 1980's Indonesian culture quite bold.

Now Tommy see's his mother ghost on her death night . In Indonesian its called kuntilanak Acc. to Indo-malayan myths' these r the ghost of ladies who died during child birth these have white body, long hair & white eyes, film adopted ts concept. Now Tommy follows the ghost. His sis Rita watches him & gets a scare. In the morning Rita see his bro sleeping  nicely, she thinks that was a nightmare. Later she visits her moms grave & wishes piece. she also see  Tommy there who runs from her. Tommy friends say , human spirit will  linger on for 40 days after death in her own house t v advise him to consult a psychic. 

A psychic says " tr is a trouble in his house" to Tommy to save his family , he must use black magic. Next day Rita see's Tommy practicing Black Magic with lots of books & magazines. Tommy says Mom's ghost is in the house, he is eradicating it. He behaves strangely, his black magic back fires, he tries to kill Rita. Suddenly phone rings  & he gets distracted. It was a wrong no, now lots of paranormal activities starts to happen
lots's of wrong no,doors open themselves , calling bell rings without anyone.Now Rita shares ts info with her BF Herman, who was also a non believer.

Now Munarto's Business Partners suggest him to hire a MAID, for cooking & stuff . They send a lady named Darminah.Tommy was surprised as MAID'S face resembles that psychic.This was the same lady who attended Mawarti's funeral in 1st scene. He shows her room.Tommy was normal now, black magic side effects were gone. In night Rita & Herman enjoys disco. Rita's watchmen Karto was sleeping.Now open gates close itself. Rita scold's Karto for sleeping on duty. Karto had asthma , his health was delicate. Now Rita too see's her Mom's ghost.

Ghost attacks , Rita Runs.

Now Darminah comes tr, calms her down, takes her inside. In Tommy's  dream he see few Red Robe guys abducting him for sacrifice. There was Darminah who was giving instructions Tommy screams in dream says Darminah will kill him .Now his dad & Karto awakens him and calm him down. Next day Rita introduces Darminah to Herman. Herman in suspicion says he has seen Darminah somewhere . later he plays a  song in piano for Rita. Darminah was spying on these two.Karto sees Darminah spying , he gets suspicious .He finds lots of devils worshiping items in her room.

Karto  confirms she is devils shaman.. He runs for his life. Shaman are those who have power to do both good  & bad Its up to shaman to decide which side he/she chooses. Darminah was evil shaman capable of influencing & harming people. Tommy again tries to buy black magic books .This time a Ustad Ji gives him an Islamic prayer book. He says by doing prayer all evil spirits will run away.
As soon as he tries to pray, his mother's ghost arrives &  scares him
We saw the same scene in 2017's film. There Rini prays.

Now that ghost tragets Karto, she kills him in a garage.Next morning Tommy sees Karto was dead. He apparently committed suicide.When Herman was coming to Rita's house on the bike. With a crucial info a lady distracts him. In order to save her, he drives off the road.. He was hit by a truck & dies instantly. Later we know that , that lady was Darminah. Rita identifies Herman body while crying. On that night Rita hears Herman's song on piano. When she checks piano was playing all by itself, she gets scare. Few mins later she sees Herman body as living dead. He attacks her.

Rita runs , Herman follows.

All doors in house closes all by itself, Rita was stuck pretty badly. Later she runs in to Tommy's room where Darminah opens the door. Herman vanishes just like that. Here  I think Darminah may be responsible for. Tommy's nightmares. Rita gets high fever. She & Tommy convinces their father to call a black magic shaman. Now Shaman starts chanting. As soon as he starts, high wind flows, house starts to shake, loud music plays in background. These were the typical tricks of old horror movies. Later a chandelier falls on him & he dies.

Now Munarto also believes that something is wrong in their house. Thank God , he believed  this time. Next night Tommy follows Darminah.she visits the graveyard  & stops @ Mawarti's tomb. Herman & karto 's levitating bodies were also there. There were converted into living dead now. Darminah chants something & lifts Mawarti's body from tomb.

She converts her too into living dead. Darminah was head of Satan slave's cult.That's why in 2017's film she had the map of Indonesia She was leading this cult. meanwhile, Tommy screams a lot after seeing. Mawati's body in air. Darminah sends Herman & Karto to attack Tommy. Tommy runs for home. He explains everything to his father & Rita. when they check her room she was right their. It seems Darminah is also a living dead with plenty of devil's power.

Next night Tommy & Rita digs their mom's tomb. shockingly they find their moms' body.they were expecting no body there.They feel like what the F is going on here?.They cam back to their house with disappointment. At mid night Tommy hears Karto's voice. when he checks , Karto's living dead body attacks him. Similar attacks happen on Rita & Monarto by. Herman & Mawarti's living dead. Now Darminah appear in her original devil shaman form  & says I target atheists .

she converts non believers into living dead. now all three runs out of their house. Ustad Ji arrives there with his team All stars to pray. All three living dead  stars to burn. Darminah also burns fully by the grace of God. Ustad ji says if you are not religious then Devil will induct you in his army of slaves. They will not get salvation. They will not go to heaven. In next scene we all three of them coming from a mosque. They were religious now. Now original darminah arrives there , who was sent by Munarto's partners. 

Devil used Darminah's face to enslave these people.Film Ends Here.So this was my take on 1980's satan slave film.I personally feel 2017 film was way beter but Acc. to 1980's Std its fine. Its a cult classic film. I liked the concept of shaman. Film was St. FWD hope you got it. Mawarti might have been the victim of Darminah as she was also a atheist. We saw Darminah @ funeral. There are few similarities between this & 2017 film.

Pl comment below what similarities you found.Here Darmina's acting was at its best. It gives you a proper horror experience. The couple at the end of 2017's movie are. Darminah & Batara. I guess there is a plan to do a sequel to 2017's film. How all will fit in?. Acc. to Director Joko Anwar 2017's film is a prequel. 2017's film is chronologically 1st film. they will bring another film which will be second film. 1980's film will be final film. The End of Darminah. It took 10 years for Joko Anwar to get permission to do that film.

So you can think how iconic this film is in Indonesia.Here some guys might not like this film that's OK, everyone can have opinions.

SATAN SLAVE 1980 | Plot Summary | Movie Spoilers