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Satan's Slave Plot Summary Movie Spoilers Hinglish

Satan's Slave Plot Summary Movie Spoilers Hinglish

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How do you feel when You know the wish you got was not granted by GOD. But by Satan.We all know satan wont grant any wish without his self interest.Today I am going to explain an excellent Indonesian horror film,which was released in 2017. It's director is Mr Joko Anwar and Its 2017's highest earning Indonesian Film in horror category.This films Indonesian name is Pengabdi Setan. It's IMDB rateing is 6.6/10 which is pretty good.

Film is set in 1981's rural indonesia. A young lady Rini lives with her DAD Bahri, Grand Ma Rahma, young brothers Tony, Bondi & Ian, in a rural mansion. Youngest Kid Ian was Mute, they used sign language with him to communicate. Rini's Mom Mawarni Suwono was an erstwhile famous singer. She was bed ridden with a mysterious illness. She was given a bell to call someone when needed. Rini,Tony and their dad used to look after her. In the 1st scene we see Mawarti chanting in an ancient javanese language.

1980's were the time of vinyl records.We see Rini with her Mom's agent. Agent says records are not selling.They have given whatever they owed. Even radio is not paying royalty money.your mom has not produced any new song in last 3 yr.He says he can't help much.This family's financial conditions were terrible .For Mawarti’s treatment Rini's Dad had pledged their house. At one had he had no money and at other's Mawarti was getting worse. Now Rini hear her moms' bell, when she enters her room, Mawarti was starring at an empty space. She was horrified and scared.

At night Rini's 2nd brother Tony gives some money to his father. He collected that by selling his bike.Meanwhile Bondi tell's a teaching of his religious teacher to Rini. He say whenever last family member of deceased person walks 40 steps away from one’s tomb , the dead rises again for few minutes, when they see they are in shroud, then they die really. Rini dismiss it as superstition as thid family was atheists and they never prayed.

Now Tony combs her moms' hair. Suddenly window opens all by itself. Now his too mom gives him a scary look. later Rini secretly observes her Dad taking to her mom. At mid night in Rini's dream she sees a white lady in her moms room. She was watching the graveyard from rooms window. Rini thinks this is her mom, but she was not, she now hear her moms' bell from bed, she was warning her by banging bell forcefully. Now that white lady turns and laughs.

Her skin colour of this lady was white & she looed exactly like her mother. Now Rini awakens scared. This was all in her dream. Now she actually hear her mom's bell. When she checs her mom was standing at that window and suddenly She fells to the ground and dies. Family mourns. Next day they conduct a funeral with the help of a spiritual leader Ustad ji. After funeral Ustad ji's son Hendra introduces himself to Rini. Now Bondi stops at 39th step he asks what will happen if mom rises again to Rini. Rini again rubbishes him and takes him home.

Now villagers pray at Rini's house .Bondi was scared as hell as graveyard was opposite to their house. His Dad tals to him and calms him down. Now Rini’s dad says he will be out of town for few days, he asqs Rini and Tony to manage house in meantime. Naturally these two were worried as in the 80’s cell phones were not available for emergence. Now Bondi was not getting sleep due to his fear. He sees a man in the graveyard. A guy was searching something with a torch. Now Tony hears his moms bell ring. when he checks the room, the bell was still ringing, but in midair. As soon as he sees it, it fells down to the ground. Now Tony too was scared, so he runs for his room.

Now their dad leaves for the city. Bondi bunks school. Now all sorts of paranormal activities stats in their house.1st rini sees an image of a lady near their well. Bondi too see that white lady in his toy. Ian plays hide and seek game with his grand ma. She was on a wheel chair as She can't walk, she had asthma too. Ian finds her in game which maqes her happy. next night Tony hear his moms voice out of a radio. She was calling him. He shuts down the radio in horror but still hears his moms voice." Tony make my hair" . He sees a shadow of that white lady which makes him to fall from his cot. But suddenly out of blue, his moms comb comes in to his hand. when he switches lights on there was nobody.

At midnight Ian was standing in front of a room, looking scared. when Bondi asks what happened? Ian points at their mom’s portrait. Now Bondi throws a white curtain to cover that portrait. But the curtain stops in midair for sometime in front of that portrait, then it advances at them with speed. Naturally Bondi and Ian both scream's like hell. When Rini arrives there, Bondi says Mom's ghost had attacked them. He points at the portrait which was now covered in curtain. Rini now calms both of them down.

In next scene we see grand Ma writing a letter in fear. Tony keeps his moms' bell and comb near her grave and wishes for peace.

Next day Hendra tells Rini that he saw a lady during the funeral. She was not from their village. I even checked the graveyard the night your mom died, but couldn't find anything fishy. But what was shocking here was, I saw the same white lady again in your house, meaning rinis house. Hendra says some evil spirit has taken her mother's form and THERE'S HOUSE IS HAUNTED. Here it clear Bondi saw Hendra that night in the graveyard when he was awake.

Rini says its natural for you to be superstitious as you are a son of Ustad ji. Hendra convinces her that he his open minded. Unlike his father. Rini refuses Hendra's offer of staying at his house. Now in the next scene we see grand ma walking all by herself. she was going somewhere, pain was all over her face. Later Rini finds her grand ma's body in a well, being DEAD. They conduct her funeral. It seems somebody forced her to commit suicide.

Bondi was in terrible shock as he was the one who 1st saw his grand ma's body. Rini finds her Grand Ma's letter addressed to a guy named Budiman. Rini and Hendra meets that guy. He says he and her grand ma were close. But she had to marry his friend. He says her grand ma was not ready for her dad's marriage with her mom. Their relationship was bitter due to her moms' inability to conceive. Also, at that time singing was considered as a disdain profession. When eventually Mawari had kids her Grand Ma’s suspicion too grew, she believed Mawarti prayed Satan for children, not GOD.

Rini didn’t believe this story, to convince her Budiman gave a magazine in which his article on occult was published. He says they, meaning cult, can't take them if they stay together. He advises rini to read the article to fully understand it. Now suddenly a blind guy interrupts their meeting and reminds him of his massage timings.

Now Bondi in sleep whispers that he will not kill Ian, I love him. It seems he is being possessed. When Rini arrives back home he was in total possession, isolated. Rini and Tony thinks that he is still in shock due to Grand ma's death. Now while sleeping, Bondi signals to Ian that he will kill him. Now Ian sleeps with a scare.

At midnight Ian hears a voice. He follows that voice and as soon as he opens a door from which it was coming, he sees a black hand with long fingernails. He screams but since he is mute, there was no sound. This one scene is magnificent horror and truly iconic, it really scares you. Now Ian tries to run but his shirt sticks to a nail, he screams more with no sound.Next day Rini finds her moms' one old vinyl record. When she plays it backward we hear a chanting in an ancient language. Later Rini finds Ina outside in a small box outside the house as he slept there whole night out of fear. Rini takes him inside assures him that they all are with him.

Now Tony after reading that article says ladies who can't conceive, can join the demonic cult. Cult will grace them with children with one condition, when ever their last child turns 7 they must give it to cult. Tony explains a strange calculation. rini is 22 years old, he is 16 yrs old, Bondi is 10 yrs and Ian will be 7 in next 3 days. He says their mom had children at an interval of 7 years to trick the devil. He says there were always few strange people around their mom during her parties. By showing a photo album he says, he even asked one guy once, who are you? That guy didn't answer.

Article says these were the members of the cult. when ever a kid turns 7, the living dead arrives to their house to take that kid away. They can take the kid only if the family voluntarily allows it. To all this story Rini again dismiss it as superstition.

Now when Rini was giving breakfast to Ian, their Grand Ma's chair moves all by itself. Rini glimpse her Grand ma's crying image on front glass which makes her scared. She asks to Ustad ji to check the house as he his the expert on religion. He checks the house and says there is an evil spirit which is haunting them. He advice them to pray to Allah. When Rini was getting ready to prey, she again sees that white lady. In another room Ian and Bondi were sleeping, suddenly their room’s door opens all by itself. Ian again sees a ghost in black color, which was staring at Bondi. As Rini preys a white lady looking like Zombi hovers around her.

As Rini completes her prayer that white lady attacks her. After seeing her white face and hand, Rini runs to Ustad Ji's house. Next day Hendra says she is a zombi. Since ancient time such beings have been there. Even before religion they exited. They use humans to propagate their kind. Tony says according to this article one can't defeat them but they can decline their demand by staying united. Tony also says their biological dad must be the different members of the cult as all four look so divisively different. It was strange, their dad never thought why they looked so different.

Now Hendra gets a call from Budiman. He asks Rini and Hendra to meet him. But only Hendra visits. Boudiman hands him his new article. while playing his tape loud he whispers in Hendra's ear something. He did that to block any evil spirits from listening their conversation. Now while coming back Hendra faces an accident and dies instantly on road. At budiman's house a blind guy comes without notice. Budiman tries to shoo him off with a stick as he thought he too may be a member of the cult.

In house Bondi was ready to kill Ian with a Knife. In time Rini takes away his knife.Villagers bring Hendra's body to village. Ustadji conducts his funerals in disbelief. Rini finds Budiman’s letter from Hendra's belongings. At night rini hears a noice when she checks it was Hendra's Zomby, he tries to drag Rini from his house. As rini screams Tony and Ian jumps to help their sister. Meanwhile Ustad ji offers no help as he was too devastated in grief. Now kids dad arrives there , aparently he was back from city. He takes all of them back to their house. Rini explains him everything.

He was shocked at his mother's death. He says tomorrow itself they will walk away from their house. After some time Tony shouts HELP, HELP. Ian was locked in a bathroom. As they open door we see someone garbing Ian in to the well. Dad too jumps in to the well and saves him somehow. We see a zomby like black creature in well. Now cult members who were actually Satan Slaves, surround their house. As family locks all their doors lot’s of paranormal activities starts to happen. Some force throws a wheelchair at them. As panic grips rini,tony and dad gets stuck in a room, while only Ian and Bondi were outside.

Now some supernatural power attacks Ian. meanwhile Bondi comes out of possession. Now their dad preys to spirits of Mawarti & grandma. He thinks all of this is his fault. In background we hear grandma's voice as an asthametic patients breathing. Now Bondi with courage tries to rescue Ian. As soon as he touches Ian, evil power vanishes. Now his dad with a steel rod shouts at cult members, says he will not give any of his children away.

Now cult members while moving away from their house, they throw something around the house. next day family starts to leave the village. they also plan Ian's surprise birthday party at mid night. their taxi was supposed to arrive at 4 PM.

In the evening Ustad ji arrives at their house and says sorry. He stays at their house. While walking around the house Rini finds lot's red seeds. Even at 10.30 PM their was no sign of taxi. Now suddenly electricity goes off. Later Rini remembers Hendra's letter. After reading it, She says to tony that this is an updated article. According to this cult members arrives to give clue to the living dead. She says all the red seeds are for awakening living dead. When devils kid turns 7, he must be surrounded by army of the living dead. She says Ian is devils child and Grand Ma's ghost is attacking him to save them.

Now they again see that white lady moving into their dad's room. Now dad also see that white lady sleeping besides him. he runs to his children's room. After midnight Ian was speaking to someone. Yes he was speaking. All these years he was doing a drama of not speaking. When Bondi asks, He says " I am speaking to my friends". He speaks properly and laughs naughtily.

This was a too scary moment for me in the film. Bondi sees the living deads white zombi's outside the window. Ustad ji called these JIN'S. we saw this concept in Dabe movie. Now Zombies kills Ustad Ji. Hendra Zombi was also there. Now they see Ian with other Zombies outside. Ian asks his dad to come outside. He was never his son. He was " DEVIL'S SON ".That's why Mawarti's health was upset. Cult knew that she was cheating. So they decided to take child by force, all these years family was feeding a devil's child. Tony drags his dad inside the house. living dead again attacks them.

Now all see Grand ma's ghost who was stopping these creatures. She just wanted to kill Ian as she knew he was the son of devil. When ever you saw a black ghost it was her. Now Budiman arrives there and sneks them away. He says Ian was never their child. Now film starts after 1 year. These four were living in an apartment. their neighbor brings the food and tries to be cosy. Later she says to her husband that we have to find new victims. Her husband says this time they have to take good care of them so that they can't run away. Now satanic music plays, they dance. we see a jar full of red seeds proving they were the head of the CULT.

we see an Indonesian map with markings of victims and followers. movie ends here. The couple at the end were there in 1980's film. lets talk some interesting facts about the film. In film cinematography, sound, white and black color combination, costume design gives you a proper horror feeling.

In film zombi is white and Grand ma's ghost is Black. During Rini's praying scene two different evils haunt's two characters. Audience will definetly over look this minute difference. Ian never mentions about that black hands to his sister. In the End he stops grand ma's ghost with single hand. Even when ghost was ripping all furniture around him. He was able to stop it as he was the devil's son. He was doing a drama of being a nice cute brother.

Grand Ma was telling Bondi to kill Ian. Ian used to control everything in house. In one scene he cheats in a game and Satan cheats with everyone. In well scene also grand ma was trying to kill Ian.

Let's talk about dad I think he might be a member of the cult as he was not that scared . when he went to city he had no money but when he returned he had all the wealth. He might have left the cult long ago. He might not be knowing this child thing. In trouble he prays to ghosts of mawarti and grand ma. At the end when couple says we have to keep them happy this time, they might be talking about dad.

Mawarti's living dead haunted and pressurized them so that they can voluntarily give away their child. At the end they did the same, with no option.

So this was Satan Slave films explanation. If you liked the video please do like and share. Please do subscribe this channel.