Alive | Netflix | Movie Spoiler | Plot Summary

 Alive | Netflix | Movie Spoiler | Plot Summary

For Today I am going to explain a new south Korean zombie film Alive. Cho LL Hyung has directed this film with the screenplay input by Matt Naylor. Film starts in a south Korean city, where film’s lead character Joon-woo is waking up late one morning. He is a vivid video gamer with has his own studio and quite a lot of fan following. He lives with his parents and sister, who went out early that morning without a specific reason.

Quickly Joon-woo watch an emergency news on TV where they say citizens of the city are behaving irrationally, they are attacking one another without provocation, government has lost control, for everyone’s safety it is advised that people should remain in their house. Basically here citizens were turning into zombies. Joon-woo see this horror live from his apartment balcony were on ground there was total chaos. People were screaming, shouting and running for their lives.

Suddenly there was a knock on Joon Woo’s main door. When he opens his door his neighbor barges in and says my brother has become a zombie, I don’t have a space to live, he requests Joon Woo for the stay. Joon woo was already scared shittless so, he orders that guy to get out immediately, he even threatens him with golf stick, now that guy starts to leave after using Joon Woo’s bathroom but before he could move out, he also starts showing symptoms of zombies, his eye turns red and within seconds he turns into a full fledged zombie. now naturally attacks Joon-Woo. Joon-Woo fights with that guy and kicks him out of his apartment door. But sadly that guy was killed by another big zombie, who then eats him alive. Yes, these zombies not only they were attacking humans but also eating other zombies for sustenance. TV News reports also confirms this behavior.

After some time Joon-Woo gets a message from his parents, they say they are safe as off now, his dad strongly shouts a message. stay alive, stay alive. Now Joon-Woo sticks this message on his family photo as a reminder. He now starts to ration his food.


Next day Joon-Woo sends a SOS message with his name and address through his social media account. With the help of his drone, mobile and VR headset he watches his destroyed neighborhood. After sometimes he looses his Wi-Fi network. At night a lady police officer tries to escape the zombie zone with  service gun. She kills a couple of zombies but eventually she becomes the victim of zombies. Joon-woo watch this horrifying scene from his balcony, he tries to help by shouting which unfortunately gives his location to zombies. These zombies still had some brain function, they had some skills of their host, their hearing was normal. As soon as Joon-Woo shouts one big zombie comes to his apartment, barges in and attacks Joon-woo. Joon-woo tricks that zombie which result in the death by jumping from his balcony. Here that officers loaded gun was lying vacant on the ground.
Next day Joon-Woo runs out of drinking water. He starts drinking his fathers hard liquor for sustenance. He now covers his balcony windows also.


After ten days of drinking with little to no food, Joon Woo was weak. He tries to switch on radio from his mobile phone but fails. Since he didn't have 3.5 mm audio jack which was required as an antenna. Now he starts to hallucinate about his parents and sister. Then he receives an audio message from his dad, it was his last message, Joon-Woo clearly hears his parents, sister screaming and becoming zombie. He breaks down, he had lost all his hope, in a rage of revenge he moves out of his apartment and starts attacking zombies. When remaining zombies overpowers him, he runs back to his apartment.


Now Government starts bombardment along the outskirts of the city. Joon Wo has also lost all his hope, desire to live and impotently food. He decides to commit suicide by hanging. When he was halfway through a laser light distracts him, points his attention towards an idiom portrait in his house. Idiom says “ faith is the reality of what you want, It’s proof of the invisible”. Joon wo was delighted he turns towards the source of light. It was coming from an opposite apartment when a young teenage girl was standing. Her name was Yoo Yoo Bin. She was stuck there since last 6 days.

Next day Yoo bin kills a zombie with a hand held hatchet. She was tough, aggressive compared to Joon Wo . Since zombies used to move towards sound these two starts talking in sign language and by writing on mobile screen. Yoo Bin observers that 8th floor on Joon Wo’s apartment , which was also a top floor was totally,empty.

Now Yoo Bin plans for a direct string line between her and joon wo so that they cann share food. She attaches a string to a baseball ball and thorough it as hard as possible. Unfortunately it falls on the ground. Joon Wo now gets her plan. He attaches a string to his drone and flies it directly to Yoo Bin’s apartment. Yoo Bin shares some of her food with Joon Wo. After some time a firefighter zombie finds Yoo Bin’s ball and pulls the string attached to it. That string was attached to a table in Yoo Bin’s house, as soon as he pulls the string table moves and hits Yoo Bin hard and knocs her down. Apparently these zombies would retain their hosts some skills which in this case was climbing. He starts climbing. Joon Wo tries to distract him with his drone but fails. Zombie catches that drone in midair and smashes it. As soon as that zombie reaches Yoo Bin’s balcony Yoo Bin wakes up and kills that zombies with her hatchet. Zombie falls to the ground directly.

Now at night Joon Wo sneaks into his neighbor’s house by lifting key from dead zombie who barged into his house. He sees a dead body of a lady. He lifts some food items from kitchen, from store room he picks up a 3.5mm audio jack, a couple of walkie-talkies and stuffs relating to mountain hiking. Apparently brother of that dead zombie was some sort of hiking enthusiast who now is a zombie. That guy now suddenly out of blue comes and attacks Joon Wo. Joon Wo escapes from that house with little fight. He tries radio by attaching this new audio jack to his cell phone but turns out radio was also down. He now transports some food and a walkie-talkie to Yoo bin.

Both talk for the first time. For few days both shares food and their background. Yoo Bin says she is scared of heights. He we see both collects water directly from rain whenever it rains. After coupe of days zombies becomes aggressive as they were also not getting any fresh food. Now both decides that it is not safe to stay in their apartments any longer, Yoo Bin says lets move to 8th floor as I see it there is no one. Both now jumps from their apartment with the help of a rope. Here we see some brilliant action, both were on a killing spree, they kill zombies left, right and center. Yoo Bin collects the officer’s gun lying on the ground and shoots at the zombies. They somehow manage to reach the lift and 8th floor thereafter. But their bad luck was one step ahead, zombies follows them and again starts attacking, this time a new guy opens a door of his apartment and drags both of them inside, thus saves them.

He gives them food and water. Yoo Bin was initially skeptical but eventually she too eats the food. He has drugged the food which knocks both of them. Apparently his wife was a zombie, he kept her locked up in his bedroom, she was hungry from many days. He now through Yoo Bin as food to her. Joon Wo wakes up and threatens him with the gun. But that guy didn’t bulge, this gun peddling video gamer couldn’t garner enough strength to shoot in real life.

Meanwhile, in the room Yoo Bin tricks that zombie by covering her face with a cloth and releases her onto her husband itself. When she was attacking she picks gun from joon wo’s hand and shoots both of them in head. Gun sound makes remaining zombies on the ground to flock towards their apartment.
Yoo Bin thinks she too was infected, asks Joon Wo to mercy kill her to which Joon Wo declines. Then they hear the sound of helicopter hovering around their apartment, they run towards the roof as zombies also follows them, when they reach the roof there was no one.

They shoot their remaining bullets at zombies at starts to pray for a miracle. After few minutes' army helicopter arrives there and kills few zombies and rescues them.Joon Wo gets his mobile signal back, reads ton of messages from his friends and followers. We see lots of people were using social media to send their location. Joon Wo’s initial post had 1200+ likes which eventually helped him in his rescue. Film ends here.

So this is the new zombie film alive. Film is pretty straight forward, it has suspense, horror, emotional element and good music. IF you like the video, do share, like and comment. This is my second channel exclusively for non Hindi speaking audience. If you understand Hindi and do subscribe my very popular Hindi horror channel Ghost Series. I will meet you in my new video till then stay ghostly.

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