The Monster Ending Explained | Movie Spoilers

The Monster Ending Explained | Movie Spoilers

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The Monster, an American-Canadian film, released in 2016 which has been directed by Bryan Bertino.

This movie has received 5.4 stars out of 10 on IMDB, it’s 80% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, and it has a Metacritic score of 69 out of 100.

In this video, we will go through the plot of this movie briefly, and then move on to some theories and themes related to it.

Since there a lot of flashbacks in the movie, it can be a little confusing for the viewers.

So to simplify the explanation, I will give you guys a brief summary of the flashbacks

 to set the premise of the movie, after which, we will focus on the main plot.

We are introduced to a woman called Kathy in this movie, who has a 10-year-old daughter named Lizzy.

Kathy is separated from her husband, and she has a troubling relationship with Lizzy.

Kathy is pretty abusive towards Lizzy and has a drinking problem too.

In these circumstances, we see Lizzy taking care of Kathy

For example, when Kathy is supposed to take Lizzy to her father’s place, Kathy wakes up late, even though Lizzy tries to wake her up on time.

Given the situation, Lizzy isn’t fond of her mother,

and we see in a flashback that because of Kathy’s behavior, her husband abandoned Kathy as well as his daughter Lizzy.

What’s more, Kathy and Lizzy’s relationship has gone sour to such an extent

that in one particular flashback, we see Lizzy carrying a knife to her sleeping mother and wanting to kill her.

So I hope that now you are able to understand the relationship dynamics between Kathy and Lizzy.

So this time, when Kathy is supposed to take Lizzy to her father, Lizzy wants to move in with her dad permanently;

however, since Kathy woke up late, they have to carry on with their journey at night.

On the way, Kathy’s car’s tire gets punctured and she loses control.

They see a bloodied wolf standing in the middle of the road, and soon enough their car crashes into the animal.

Kathy is injured,

Lizzy calls 911 to ask for help, and a tow truck, as well as an ambulance, is sent their way.

Lizzy also calls her father to inform him of their situation, and then, Kathy and Lizzy go to look at the wolf;

however, they notice that the wolf had animal marks on it as if it was attacked by a creature.

Here, Lizzy feels as if someone or something is watching them, but Kathy dismisses it by saying that it might just be a wild animal.

They decide to wait in the car, and the tow truck arrives shortly.

The guy who came with the tow truck is called Jesse and he examines Kathy’s car.

Now, since he has to tow their car, he needs a hook, however, he discovers that the hook is broken.

He has to install another hook, and this takes some time.

Kathy and Lizzy place their luggage inside Jesse’s truck, and Kathy leaves her phone in the luggage.

Meanwhile, Lizzy notices that the wolf’s body has gone missing and Kathy thinks that maybe the wolf was alive, but Lizzy is visibly scared.

Kathy notices that she has left her phone inside Jesse’s truck and she sends Lizzy to get it, even though Lizzy isn’t too keen on the task.

Here, Lizzy is very scared and she feels again as if someone or something is watching them.

She finds the wolf’s body beside the road

and she notices that the body appears as if someone has been eating it,

and we get a glimpse of the monster here, which is just behind Lizzy.

Lizzy gets the phone and returns back to their car, and tells Kathy everything.

Meanwhile, Jesse goes missing and Kathy goes out to check on him.

Suddenly, a human arm falls on their car, and now, Kathy and Lizzy are both very scared.

Kathy gets back inside the car, and they see a badly injured Jesse crawling towards his truck and asking for help.

Kathy and Lizzy ask Jesse to get inside his truck as they can clearly see the monstrous creature now, which was standing on the middle of the road.

However, Jesse is so badly injured that he can’t make it through and the monster kills him off brutally.

Lizzy is terrified and Kathy tries to console her.

The creature starts roaming around their car, and when it hears Lizzy’s teddy bear’s sound, he attacks Kathy and pulls her out of the car.

The creature is about to kill her,

 however, the ambulance arrives on time

The creature runs away because of the vehicle’s lights.

and the health workers treat Kathy.

One health worker goes to look for Jesse and  Kathy asks the other health worker to go from there.

Suddenly, the dead body of the first health worker drops on the ambulance’s windshield,

and Kathy and Lizzy try to help the other health worker;

however, the creature pulls the second health worker out and kills her off.

Kathy goes near the wheel and starts driving the vehicle, however, the monster smashes into the ambulance and the ambulance crashes inside the woods.

Kathy is badly injured after the crash and Lizzy tries to help her get up.

Kathy tries to use the walkie-talkie to call for help, however, after the crash, nothing works inside the ambulance except for its lights.

Kathy is so badly injured that she knows she won’t survive for long,

so she decides to sacrifice herself to save Lizzy.

They knew that the monster is scared of lights and Kathy lights up a torch with the help of her lighter.

Kathy goes inside the woods

she tells Lizzy her plan, that is, Kathy will try to distract the monster, and meanwhile, Lizzy will run out of the woods.

She also tells Lizzy that she loves her dearly, and we see how the situation has brought them together.

Anyway, Kathy goes inside the woods, however, the monster doesn’t attack her because of her torch.

Kathy extinguishes the fire, and immediately the monster attacks her, but Lizzy doesn’t run away from there.

Lizzy attacks the monster with a hammer to save her mother, but that doesn’t really help and now the monster prepares to attack Lizzy.

However, Lizzy flashes a torch on its face and the creature runs away.

Lizzy goes near Kathy, who dies shortly, and now, Lizzy is all alone.

She hides inside the ambulance, but the creature gets inside the ambulance.

Lizzy distracts it with her teddy and finds a spray can.

She goes out of the ambulance, and with the help of the spray and Kathy’s lighter, lights the monster on fire.

The monster dies and Lizzy remembers her mother’s words, and finally come out of the woods to see that the night has passed and a new day has begun.

The movie ends here

So, friends, that was the story of the movie titled The Monster and as you can see, it’s a pretty simple and straightforward story.

However, along with a literal representation, the figure of the monster has a deeper allegorical meaning in this movie as it sort of symbolizes Kathy and Lizzy’s inter-personal relationship.

At the beginning of the movie, Lizzy complains that Kathy never listens to her,

however, throughout the movie, Kathy has to rely on Lizzy’s warnings to know about the presence of the monster.

For example, when Lizzy tells Kathy that someone or something is watching them, Kathy ignores her,

but as the movie progresses, we see that Kathy starts paying heed to Lizzy’s warnings.

This process also allowed them to mend their relationship.

In short, the monster is used as a plot device in this movie, so that Kathy and Lizzy get a chance to repair their relationship.

When Kathy sees death right in front of her, she realizes how much she loves Lizzy and how important Lizzy is to her.

What’s more, she goes one step further and sacrifices herself to save Lizzy.

Lizzy, too, doesn’t like her mother very much, and we see in a flashback how she wanted to kill her mother at one point in time,

however, when Kathy asks her to save herself, Lizzy decides not to leave her mother behind.

This movie tries to show how we all have a monster within us, and it is difficult to destroy this monster.

So, friends, these were some theories and observations on the movie titled The Monster and I hope you guys liked this video.

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