Sputnik Ending Explained | Movie Spoilers

 Sputnik Ending Explained | Movie Spoilers

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Sputnik, a movie released in 2020 which has been directed by Egor Abramenko and this is their directional debut.

Sputnik has received 6.4 stars out of 10 on IMDB, it’s a whopping 89% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, and it’s Metacritic score is 61 out of 100.

In this video, we are going to talk about Sputnik’s plot and in the end, we will also discuss its ending.

The movie begins in 1983, during the Cold War,

and we come across 2 Russian astronauts who have been sent to space on a mission.

While returning to Earth, the astronauts come across something,

which causes their spaceship to malfunction.

In this accident, one of the astronaut dies,

however, the second astronaut—Konstantin survives the crash-landing,

but something seems wrong with him.

Konstantin is taken to a secret military facility and soon enough,

a young psychiatrist named Dr Tatyana Klimova is brought here.

Tatyana has been under review for her controversial methods, but Colonel Semiradov gets her here to check on Konstantin.

However, Semiradov doesn’t reveal the reasons behind Konstantin’s quarantine to Tatyana.

At first, Tatyana believes that Konstantin is struggling with PTSD, that is, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder,

but soon enough she comes to know that Konstantin has brought an alien entity with him from outer space

and Konstantine’s body functions as the host for the entity.

Interestingly, Konstantin has no clue that he has an alien within his body

and the entity has also caused amnesia in Konstantin.

Besides that, the entity emerges from Konstantin’s body every night when Konstantin goes to sleep.

Semiradov informs Tatyana that she has been brought here so that she can remove the alien from Konstantin’s body.

He also lets her know that a doctor has already lost their life as the entity killed them. Since then, Konstantin has been moved to this secret facility.

Tatyana responds by saying that the alien and Konstantin are in a symbiotic relationship, wherein they keep each other alive.

The alien, which has been living inside Konstantin’s food pipe,

was the reason which allowed Konstantin to recover from his serious injuries in just 2 days after the crash-landing.

A doctor, working at the facility informs Tatyana that the alien derives its nutrients from Konstantin’s food.

Later, Tatyana decides to asses Konstantin, and during her assessment,

she provokes Konstantin by saying that he is a coward and not a hero as he left his child in an orphanage to go on a space mission.

This stresses Konstantin and Tatyana realises that the alien entity benefits from Konstantin’s stress hormones.

Moreover, when Tatyana goes near the entity,

she notices that the entity reacts to a toy which was in Konstantin’s possession that reminded him of his child, which leads her to speculate if, the alien and Konstantin share their consciousness.

Later, while studying Konstantin’s videos, Tatyana notices that the videos have been altered, and Tatyana confronts a doctor at the facility regarding this.

The doctor responds by saying that the alien has been feeding on prisoners at the facility, and this has been arranged on Semiradov’s orders.

The doctor slips Tatyana inside the facility at night where the creature was being fed.

The entity reveals itself to its prey, which increases the stress hormone in the human, and this is what the entity consumes to keep itself alive.

Tatyana confronts Semiradov regarding this and he reveals that he wants to weaponise the alien so that it will come handy during war.

Semiradov directs her to help him control the alien entity and Tatyana agrees reluctantly.

However, soon enough we realise that Tatyana has started caring about Konstantin.

She slips him out of the facility for a while on the pretext of going on a run, and she explains him everything that Semiradov has been planning all this while.

They plan to trick the security and agree on a secret meet-up, where Tatyana shows Konstantin all the dead bodies of the prisoners, who have been killed by the entity.

Moreover, she reveals to Konstantin that his fellow astronaut is still alive, and since he was suffering from cancer, the entity chose Konstantin as a host over the other astronaut.

Tatyana also says that somehow the tests conducted before they went to space couldn’t detect the other astronaut’s cancer, however, the entity was able to sense it.

Shockingly, Konstantin reveals here that he is completely aware of everything that the entity has been doing and how it has been feeding on live humans.

Here, it is proved that Tatyana’s speculation was right, that is, the entity and Konstantin have been sharing their consciousness.

Konstantin asks Tatyana’s help as he wants to get out of the facility to go and meet his child.

Tatyana decides she will help him and the two ask a doctor at the facility for his help. With the doctor’s help, Tatyana and Konstantin are able to escape from the facility and

Tatyana brings an injection with her which has a combination of drugs that can induce the symptoms of Addison’s disease in Konstantin.

She believes that once Konstantin experiences these symptoms, the entity will leave Konstantin’s body and hopefully, it will die eventually outside a host.

However, soon enough they are ambushed by Semiradov and Tatyana gets injured in the ensuing gunfire.

Konstantin takes the injection from her and injects it into himself, which leads the entity to leave his body.

The entity now attacks the soldiers and kills them all, and meanwhile, Tatyana and Konstantin escape from there.

But after a while Konstantin’s condition seems to worsen as he is unable to survive without the alien because of their symbiotic relationship.

Semiradov catches up with them and he brings with him the alien as well, which has been severely injured.

Tatyana tries to surrender, however, using their shared consciousness, Konstantin wills the alien to kill Semiradov and his remaining soldiers.

Soon enough, the government officials arrive there shortly who were informed about Semiradov’s experiments by none other than the doctor at the facility,

who by the way, was killed by Semiradov earlier in the movie.

The entity enters Konstantin’s body and Konstantin shoots himself to kill the entity as well as himself.

A few days later, Tatyana arrives at an orphanage to meet Konstantin’s son and she adopts him too.

It is revealed here that Tatyana used to live in an orphanage as a child, and at that time she lived with a disability.

However, she was adopted later on, and she also underwent an operation that allowed her to walk.

In this movie, we had been seeing flashbacks from Tatyana’s life all this while,

and these flashbacks reveal that because of her own past experiences,she was so sympathetic and caring towards Konstantin and his son later on,

which is why she also adopts Konstantin’s son in the end.

And here’s where the movie ends.

So friends, this was the story and plotline of the movie Sputnik and I hope that you enjoyed this story.

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