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The Dark and the Wicked Ending Explained | Movie Spoilers

The Dark and the Wicked Ending Explained | Movie Spoilers

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This is an American Horror movie released in 2020 which has been directed by Bryan Bertino.

The Dark and the Wicked has received 6.1 stars out of 10 on IMDB, it’s a whopping 90% on Rotten Tomatoes, and its Metacritic score is 72 out of 100.

In this video, we are going to discuss the story of The Dark and the Wicked briefly, along with some theories and themes regarding the same at the end of it.

The movie opens early in the morning, at a rural farm in Texas, where we are introduced to an old woman who is doing some sewing, and while doing so, she’s chanting some prayers.

She hears some noises but ignores them, and goes to look after her bed-ridden husband.

We hear some wolves howling in the distance, and the film’s overall atmosphere hints at the loneliness of the old woman, who also appears to be quite scared for some reason.

We get to see the barn which is just beside the old woman’s house, and there’s a lot of sound coming from within it which also agitates the farm animals.

Suddenly, amidst the agitated animals, we get a glimpse of a demon, and it is revealed to us that something is amiss on that property, which is why, the old woman has been so scared.

In the next scene, we see the old woman chopping some vegetables in the kitchen, and the chair behind her moves on its own, which was the working of the evil entity.

On the next day, the old woman’s children—Mike and Louis arrive on the farm, who had come to visit their ailing father.

However, from their interactions with each other and with their mother, it is clear that they are quite disconnected from each other.

Moreover, the old woman appears quite cold towards her children and she asks them to leave the property.

It is possible that because the woman knew about the supernatural occurrences on their farm, she didn’t want her children near the property, however, she tells them nothing about the same.

Louise and Mike think that their mother is lonely and tired, and they are both guilt-ridden as they left their mother alone with their ailing father.

That night, when Louise closes the door to their house, the door seems to open up on its own and here again, we get a glimpse of the evil entity which was present inside the house.

Louise tells her mother that no one is there, but her mother knows better.

Her mother goes inside the kitchen where she starts chopping some vegetables and here, she seems to suggest Mike that everything isn’t right inside their house.

She asks him to leave from there but Mike ignores this.

When Mike is gone from the kitchen, the chair in the room moves on its own.

The old woman goes into a trance, and starts chopping her own fingers and sobbing lightly while doing the same.

(Poor Joke)

The next morning, the kids can’t find their mother, and soon enough, they discover her dead body inside the barn where she had hung herself.

Here, we understand how the evil entity works, how it uses someone’s weakness to manipulate them into taking their own lives.

Even after this unfortunate incident, Louise and Mike refuse to communicate properly with each other, and we can see how distanced they are from each other.

Here, we are introduced to a man called Charlie, who was their neighbour, and Charlie was very upset when he came to know about the old woman’s death.

In a sense, the old woman was his only friend in that secluded area.

In the next scene, we see Mike and Louise’s father’s nurse who tells the kids that sometimes their mother talked to herself and whispered stuff as if she was talking to someone.

Louise decides to look after he father during the night and she does this mostly because of her guilt because she left her parents alone.

Louise goes inside her mom’s studio where she finds a wedding gown with her name on it, and she becomes very emotional.

Later on, she tries asking Mike about their mother, and speculates whom was she talking to, but Mike just ignores her.

Next, we see Louise in the shower, and she hears some footsteps.

She presumes it must be Mike but when she removes the shower curtain, she sees her dad standing there—who had white eyes.

He pees himself, starts shaking violently and growls too, which scares Louise.

When Mike gets there after hearing Louise screaming, they see that no one was there but Louise was sure that it wasn’t a dream.

Louise checks up on her dad, who was still in his room and then, she ignores whatever happened in the bathroom.

When Mike is about to go and get groceries, he comes across his mother’s diary.

Mike and Louise read the diary, where their mother had written something about an evil entity which was killing their father slowly.

Moreover, she was asking for help in that diary.

Mike and Louise try to make sense of all this information and they also wonder about something that the cops told them.

The cops said that their mother had used the tub in the barn to hang herself, however, the kids knew that the tub wasn’t moved until Louise used it to get her mother’s body down.

They are confused as they are unable to understand how their mother got up there, and they continue reading the diary, where their mother had written something about voices that wanted to kill her.

They visit the coroner who gives them some crosses that he found in their mother’s pocket.

Mike and Louise are confused after seeing this as they knew that their mother wasn’t religious.

That night Louise looks after her dad, but when he coughs, a spider comes out of his mouth.

Louise tries to catch it, and Mike comes there to ask if things were fine, however, Louise tells him nothing about what she just saw.

That night, as Mike was sleeping, the lights in his room start flickering which wakes him up; however, there was no one in his room.

He goes to a window and he sees his mother outside the house, who was smiling and levitating in the air.

Mike hears her mother screaming and the noise was coming from inside his room, and here, we see his mother standing behind him, however, when Mike turns the lights on, she vanishes into thin air.

On the other hand, when Louise wakes up the next morning, she finds her face smeared with lipstick and surprisingly, she finds the lipstick tube in her father’s bed.

Just then, the phone rings and Louise picks it up.

A recording starts playing, which informs Louise that their phone number was being disconnected.

However, the phone rings again and this time Louise hears her mother’s voice, which asks them to leave.

Meanwhile, Mike returns home to find a priest outside their house, who seems to know Mike and his name.

The priest talks to the kids and tells them that he knew their mother.

However, the kids think that it must be the priest who put all those strange thoughts inside their mother’s head.

Mike asks the priest to leave, and he finally leaves with an ominous warning.

Mike calls his wife and tells her that he wants to come back home, which reveals that he had no care about his father or his sister.

Meanwhile, Louise is inside the barn where she is reading her mother’s diary, and just then, she hears glasses shattering.

She wonders if that’s Mike but we see a shadow behind her, which starts to grow.

Louise starts to wonder whether what she has been seeing is real or just hallucinations, and Mike shares with her how he saw their mother the other night.

That night, they hear wolves howling outside and some scratching noises at the door.

When they open the door, they see the priest outside their house, and when Louise flashes light on his face, they notice that he has white eyes.

The priest, in reality, wasn’t a priest at all, but rather, it was the evil entity that came to the kids in a different form.

The entity growls, and just then, the phone starts ringing inside the house, after which the entity vanishes into thin air.

Mike asks Louise not to pick up the phone and she hangs up the call and disconnects the lines too.

Meanwhile, we get to know that it was their neighbour Charlie who was trying to contact them, but since he was trying to help the kids, the veil entity attacks Charlie.

Charlie hears some noises inside his house and he picks up his gun.

In the next room, he finds the evil entity who had now taken the form of Louise, and Charlie knew this.

The entity starts slashing itself, and a second Louise appears near Charlie and whispers something.

This overwhelms Charlie, and he shoots himself.

Here again, we see how the entity tricked its victims and manipulated them into taking their own lives.

The next morning, the kids go out to check if there were any footprints, which could prove that the priest was actually here last night, but they find nothing.

They suggest that they should take their dad and leave from there, and decide to get a doctor.

Louise calls a number which was given to her by the priest on their first meeting to confirm whether the priest was real or not, and if he had any connection with her mother.

However, the person who picks up the call asks her how she got the number.

However, the person who picks up the call asks her how she got the number.

However, something strange comes out of their conversation; the man says that he had a daughter called Louise who died by suicide, and Louise’s voice sounds just like his own daughter.

Anyway, Mike and Louise get a doctor and he says that the kids shouldn’t move their father as it’s risky for him.

Here, their nurse says that as long as a person has love and his family, nothing can harm him.

Previously, we saw how loneliness and the lack of love drove Mike and Louise’s mother to such a state,

and the nurse’s dialogue reminds us of the family’s dynamics and how disconnected they are from each other.

Anyway, meanwhile, the animals in the barn have somehow come out of the barn and

they are out in the wild.

And later, one injured goat returns back to the farm.

Louise and Mike, later, discover that their herd has been slaughtered and they believe that this can’t be the work of wolves.

Now, Mike just wants to get away from there and he suggests getting another doctor for their father.

Louise too, reminds him how their mother wanted to get away from there.

The kids make a bonfire and burn the bodies of the slaughtered animals.

Mike returns home and goes to the barn where he sees a pregnant goat and Mike promises that he will take care of it.

Mike starts opening up emotionally, and he decides that he will stay here to look after things just like his mom.

He also accepts in front of Louise that he is scared, but since Mike was breaking down emotionally, the evil entity takes advantage of his condition.

Later on, Mike hears some noises inside the barn and he takes out a knife.

He asks the evil entity to go away, but just then he sees his mother in front of him.

She comes near Mike and this scares him.

The evil entity, in the form of his mother, whispers something in Mike’s ear and Mike is about to kill himself with the knife, however, he somehow stops himself from doing so.

Mike goes into his room with the knife, now shaking with fear.

On the other hand, Louise who is with her father hears some noises and we see the evil entity climbing onto their bed.

Louise is scared of the noises, but when she gets up, she sees her father on the ceiling who asks Louise to get out of that house.

Just then, Louise wakes up and she realises that it was a dream.

She checks her dad’s pulse to make sure he is okay, and then goes to meet Mike, however, she realises that Mike has left the property.

Louise is lonely and hurt, and at that moment, she hears a knock on the door.

She opens the door to find a little girl who introduces herself as Charlie’s granddaughter, and she tells Louise about Charlie’s death.

The girl, then, goes on to taunt Louise and tells her how his father is rotting away.

In reality, it wasn’t Charlie’s granddaughter, but rather, it was the evil entity that had come to Louise in the form of a little girl, to taunt and scare her.

The entity vanishes into thin air, and Louise tries calling Mike but the call goes to his voicemail.

Just then, the nurse arrives, but Louise ignores her and tries calling Mike again.

This time Mike picks up the call, and the siblings have a spat.

At the end of the call, Mike asks Louise to get out of the house.

On the other hand, the nurse who had been listening to the siblings’ conversation suddenly starts stabbing herself with her knitting needles.

She hits Louise that makes Louise unconscious, and then, violently kills herself.

Meanwhile, Mike is back at his place where he sees his entire family dead.

This overwhelms him and he slits his throat with the knife.

However, just as he is about to die, he realises that what he saw wasn’t real, but rather it was vision—another evil trick of the entity.

Mike’s family arrives just then and they watch Mike bleeding out.

Back at the farmhouse, Louise regains her consciousness and she apologizes to her father.

She tries to leave the house but when her father starts to cough, she returns again.

She hears several voices, including Mike’s and just then, her father starts coughing violently.

Louise promises her father that she won’t leave him, but he stops breathing.

She hears her mother’s prayer, and the evil entity that was possessing her father kills her from behind.

And here’s where the movie ends.

So friends, that was the story of the movie titled The Dark and the Wicked, and we saw how the entity used its victims’ fears and weaknesses to exploit them, and how it manipulated them into killing themselves.

The entity could take various forms, and furthermore, it had the ability to bend the reality.

Towards the end, it was Louise’s love for her father that kept them both alive, but when the entity kills Louise’s dad, Louise was all alone and it was easier for the entity to kill her.

A question arises: if the entity could kill everyone so swiftly, why was it killing the old man so slowly?

I think the entity was using the old man to draw his family near him, so that he can kill them all and claim their souls.

That’s why the entity was taking its sweet time with the old man.

Besides that, the movie focuses on familial relationships.

It tries to show how loneliness and the lack of love can weaken humans, and in the movie, the evil entity tries to benefit from this.

A final question: who or what was this entity?

Well, the movie doesn’t give us any clear-cut answer regarding this, but I think that the entity is either Satan himself, or a poltergeist.

I think so because we saw how it has a playful nature, how it moves things, changes its appearances, and tricks people; and all these characteristics are of Satan.

Moreover, this entity shows its victims painful and traumatic visions to torture them before it finally kills them, and it seems in the movie that the entity really enjoys this process.

Although the entity could kill Louise’s father quite easily, it took its sweet time to torture the old man and his entire family before finally killing them all.

When Mike tries to run away from the house and the entity’s torture, the entity shows him a vision and kills him immediately, which proves that it can kill its victims in a snap, especially if its victims try to escape from its trap.

I was actually reminded of the movie titled Hereditary while I was watching this movie because both of these movies have a similar premise.

I also looked at a few posts on Reddit where I came to know about some unique observations regarding this movie.

In the movie, Louise’s mom knew quite a bit about the evil entity and its presence in the house, which suggests that maybe Louise’s parents struck some sort of deal with Satan.

It’s also possible that this entity can only kill people when they are all alone—maybe that’s why it compelled Mike to go away from the farmhouse.

All these theories suggest that this entity might be Satan, who uses his own ways to torture and kill humans.

So friends, those were some theories and observations on the movie titled The Dark and the Wicked and I hope that you liked knowing about them.

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