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Brittany Runs A Marathon | movie spoilers | plot summary | Synopsis

Brittany Runs A Marathon | movie spoilers | plot summary | Synopsis

Brittany is a funny, mischievous, irresponsible and very over weighty (fat) girl who lives in New York City. She lives in an apartment with her roommate Gretchen. Her landlord's name is Catherine, a photographer who runs her own photo studio. Brittany works as a ticket collecter in the New York Broadway Theater. she does not like that job. Her boss always shouts her in vain for lazy work. Brittany and Gretchen always used to do drink, smoke and take the prescription medicine by the doctor as drug. It's common practice in the US to abuse doctor-prescription as drugs. A is a big disease. Many young boys and girls misuse it. 

Brittany visits a doctor to get prescription. The doctor checks her and says that she is too overweight, her body mass index is above 31. According to his height her weight is unhealthy. Her liver is getting worse due to this. His blood pressure is high. He suggests her to lose some weight. Britney does not like the suggestion, she ignores it. She continues with life, partying and careless life . But after a few days, she realizes how her life is different from the rest. Nobody taking her seriously, everyone thinks that she just a funny little girl. She compares her life to Gretchen, who had a boyfriend, everybody likes her on social media, she was happy. Brittnay starts to feel sorry for herself.

One day she just had it, can’t take any more pain, she breaks down. she starts crying loudly. Upon hearing her crying, Catherine approaches her and tries to console her. Brittany shouts at her while crying, saying that she doesn't need anyone's sympathy. Can handle herself. Catherine says that she was also addicted to drugs when she was 23 years old, then she went to the rehab, got herself out of the mess. Catherine tells Brittany to overcome her failures little by little. Set herself small goals. Eventually she will succeed.

Now Brittnay decides to loose her weight according to the doctor's advice. She inquires a gym but its fee was too much for her so she quits that idea. Now she decides to run to reduce weight. On the first day, she runs around her apartment, 1 block.

Catherine tells Brittany that they have a runners group that runs together. If she wants, she can join. Brittany joins the group. The first day she runs for 2 miles along with other people. There, she meets a man named Seth. Seth's son was taunting him that he was not fit, so he was running to make himself fit. Now Brittany decides to run daily. 
After a few days, Brittnay starts to lose weight and her weight is reduced by 22 pounds i.e. 10 kg. Brittnay was happy about this, she tells this to her room-mate Gretchen. Gretchen was working as an assistant in a school, she had her YouTube and Instagram channel in which she was an influencer. She does not see Brittany as the serious runner and forces her into parties. 
Brittany now takes up 5K Challenge and completes it. It was a Challenge to run 5 kilo meters organised by runners group. After the race is over, Catherine joins Seth and Brittany to have lunch . That's when Catherine reveals that she is getting a divorce , that's why she's living alone in the apartment. 
Brittany now thinks hard and makes a decision to participate in the city's marathon. The New York Marathon takes place every year in November, in which people have to run 42. 2 kilo meters. For this, the candidates have to keep the body fit like an athlete. Brittnay feels that if she runs the marathon, people will take her seriously. She thinks she had to do something epic in life. She informers her decision to Seth and Catherine. 
Catherine agrees instantly, says that she had practised for the marathon before but could not participate due to her pregnancy. Because she is a member of the marathon group, she will get a ticket to join the marathon. But if a new man/women wants to participate, he/she must raise money for charity or wait for a ticket in lottery.
Seth refuses at first, his intention was not to run such a long marathon. For that he had to work hard in gym. He was reluctant at first but after listening to the taunts of both women, he also agrees. 

Brittany remembers the issue of lack of money, to run marathon you need to join gym and gym needs money. So, she starts looking for another job. She applies for a baby sitting job. A woman takes her CPR test in which she fails . Brittnay had no experience of CPR or babysitting. The woman listens her story and makes a recommendation. In America, when rich people go for a tour, they keep someone in their house to maintain it and feed their dog daily. There are many companies providing such service. The woman gets Brittnay a job in one such company.

Now Brittany starts her work in this new house. Her job was to feed the dog and maintain the house. She continues her old job of ticket collecting in the evening. On her first day a boy named Jern comes during day shift and informs her that he is the night guy but right now he is living there.Jern was also lazy, doodle ,irresponsible. He did not cared about his life. He had obtained a degree from New York University, which was of no value. 

Brittany tells him that if he stays there in the morning then she will have to tell that thing to her boss. Jern says that if their boss finds out this and he expels them both, it will be a bad news for her. Jern says that it is in her good interest to keep quiet. so that they both benefit. Brittany had no option, she wanted this job at all costs. She agrees to this adjecement.

Now Brittany, Catherine and Seth join the gym and begin to work hard for the marathon. Brittany's weight starts to decline.

Gretchen breaks up with her boyfriend a few days later. She begins to behave angrily with everyone. She and Brittany had a heated argument. Both abuse each other. Brittany now leaves the apartment and starts to living with Jern in her new home.
Brittany now goes to her work on time and takes work serially. This makes her boss very happy. Because she used to work at night, her boss's boyfriend tells her to be careful at night, as New York City is not safe for women at night. Nobody had said this to her despite working late for so many nights. She thinks, because she was fat, was there a little chance of her being attacked? Because now she is getting fit, so there is more chance of her being attacked? Brittany was shocked at how the world thinks.
Brittany now starts looking for a life partner. She puts her profile on a dating site. Jern makes fun of her by looking at her profile, he says that she has written a lot of truth. If she really wants a life partner then the absolute truth will not get her that. she has to make the truth acceptable. Jern helps in building Brittany's profile. In a few days she gets many offers. Brittany now goes to dinner with a guy. She asks his background and tells her. After some talk, she goes to his house. At home, she learns that the guy is not seriously interested in her. He wanted her for just one night stand. She feels a little sad and comes back to her house.
A few days later, Catherine tells Brittany that her ex- Husband is harassing her in the Divorce. Now he wants his children's custody also. His argument was since Catherine was previously a victim of drugs, she may not be fit to handle children alone. To prove herself that she is physically and mentally fit, she wanted to run in marathons for her children.
Brittnay had sex when she was in school and after that she had not had sex with anyone. No guy was interested in her, now she starts stocking Jern. She just wanted to enjoy life. Jern understood her problem and starts to helps her. Their relationship lasts for many days.
A few months later a lottery is drawn for the marathon. Seth gets the ticket but Brittnay was unlucky. Brittnay decides that she will collect money for charity. Catherine now gives a party at her house. Catherine used to donate money every year to someone in need. This year she decides to give it to Brittany, as she was the one in need. She asks Brittnay to get the ticket by donating this money to the charity.
Brittnay now feels disappointed at herself . she wanted to achieve something in life on her own never wanted to live on someone’s favour. she refuses that money and starts her training even more vigorously. she trains so hard that her leg starts hurting. She still does not stop her leg gets hurt. The doctor checks her and asks her to rest. She could not run any more. Now it was not possible for her to participate in the next month's marathon race.
Meanwhile, the rich people at whose house Brittany and Jern were living, they return after celebrating their holidays. Seeing the condition of their house, they got angry, evicts both of them. Brittany now goes to her sister's house in Philadelphia. Brittnay was angry at herself, she thought she failed even after working so hard.
Brittany had no parents, her sister and her husband raised her. Her sister's husband Dimitris was a father figure to her. Now she rests at their house and tries to improve her health. Meanwhile, Catherine and Seth runs marathon and finishes their race. Brittany sees both of them on Facebook. They both call Brittnay many times but Brittnay ignores everyone’s call. she felt that despite working hard, she did not achieve anything in life.
Now Dimitris calls all his friends on his birthday party. One of them was a very over weight, very fat lady. Brittany feels jealous to see them happy, she calls that lady fat in front of everyone. She says that her body mass index is very high, she is not healthy, suggests her to lose weight. The woman walks away crying. The party ends abrubtly there.
Dimitris later tells Brittany to apologize to that lady. He says that to get ahead in life, a person has to seek help from others. If there are no friends and relatives in one’s life then he can’t move forward. Everyone will need someone, at some time or other. If she goes on rejecting everyone like this, she will never be able to move forward in life. Brittany accepts her mistake and she promises that she will change her attitude.
Brittany sends a sorry message to the lady with a bouquet of flowers. After recovering from the leg injury, she returns to New York City. She meets Catherine and Seth, and says sorry. She also meets Jern and tells him that she would like to be with him forever as good friend. She ends her physical relationship with him.
Brittany now concentrates on her work and prepares for next year's marathon. This time she gets a ticket and participates in the race. At the end she was very tired, then she hears the voice of Seth and Catharine encouraging her to finish the race. In the end Brittany completes the race. Her name appears on the big board. Brittany finally rejoices.
This film ends here. The film is inspired by a real life character. Whose life was also full of ups and downs like Brittnay. We can change life at any time, to change, we need to have some courage, we must have willpower, there should be dedication, success is sure.

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