FEAR STREET PART 1 1994 Movie Spoilers | Ending Explained | Hinglish

FEAR STREET PART 1 1994 Movie Spoilers | Ending Explained | Hinglish

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Today, I will explain the story of the film Fear Street Part 1, 1994.This film is in the form of a trilogy which is coming in the month of July. This is the first film. The second and third films are Fear Street 1978 and Fear Street 1666.These three films are based on the famous horror book series Fear Streets by author Russell Stine.He has written more than fifty Fear Street Books, if you want to read it, then the link is here

The story of the film has two twin tones, Shadyside and sunnyvale. Sunnyvale was a rich and booming town, whereas Shadyside was infamous as a killer capital of the USA. For years mysterious serial killings, accidents, suicides and crimes were happening in Shadyside. Here an urban legend of Witch Sarah Fier was popular for many years. People believed that it was the witch who made them commit violent crimes. It was such a popular urban legend that people even made a nursery rhyme over it. To scare small children and calm them down.

At the beginning of the film, we see a teenage girl, Heather. She was working till midnight in the bookstore of a shady side mall. The mall was now closed. Now Heather asks her friend Ryan to drop her home. Ryan was excited as his shift was also ending in 15 minutes. Here we see Martin, a janitor who was cleaning the mall. It's rather odd, I must say, cleaning the mall at midnight. Now Ryan hears a lady's whispering voice, which confuses him. Further, Heather was closing the store, then suddenly the books in the store started falling on their own. Upon checking it, there was no one except Heather.Then a man wearing a skull mask advances towards Heather. He starts putting a knife in her stomach. Heather screams and blocks the knife with the book. Obviously, this scene is an homage to the movie scream released in 1996.

Heather panics and starts running. The Skull Maskman follows her. Heather hides in another counter and calls 911. After a few minutes, Maskman finds her, and this time he pokes the knife into her. Heather starts running again, but this time she falls down. While these two were fighting, Heather removed the maskaman's mask. To her surprise, it was none other than Ryan. He seemed as if he was possessed. The police officer Nick Good comes in time and shoots Ryan in the head. While dying, Ryan inserts a knife into Heather's stomach, due to which she also dies. You can watch the first five-minute video of this film on Netflix's official Youtube channel.

This crime becomes a headline. Here we also get a quick recap of the historical crimes that happened at the Shadyside. All these crime stories are part of this film series, which we will see in this film and in the next two films. Last night Ryan killed seven people, among them were a few Shadyside high school students. Heather was one of them.Officer Good says all this in the news.

Here we see another teeanager Dina, who had a breakup with her girlfriend, Sam. Sam went from Shady-Side High School to sunnyvale High School. Dena's brother Josh was a Nerd who was a member of the online witch community. He was secretly cheating with an unknown handler named Queen of Air and Darkness. Josh thinks these seven killings are again the result of Sarah Fier's possession. Josh had a lot of interests in this witch theory. He had done a lot of research on Shadyside crimes and collected a ton of files, images and resources on Sarah Fier. But Dena here thinks her brothers interest is stupid, and she takes him to school with her. At school, Dena meets her friends, Kate and Simon. Where Josh's crush was always on Kate. Here we also see messages of condolence on Heather's locker.

Kate and Simon were in the business of selling illegal prescription drugs at school. Rumors in school were that the Witch was behind these killings. As the killer wore a skull mask, which was a clear sign of a normal person gone insane. That's why to remind everyone about it some idiot students spary painted Witches rhyme on the girl's toilet. There were lines like these. She will rise from the grave, make good men her slaves, she will take your blood, she will take your head, she will follow you till you are dead. Dena finds all this legend a stupid hoax, and she also scolds Simon for selling drugs. As Simon's brother Timothy had barely survived an overdose a few days earlier. Here Dena and Sam were both cheer leaders, Dena left the sport after her breakup with Sam. Tonight there was going to be a match between shadyside and sunnyvale football teams.

Here the Sunnyvale team was planning to hold a candle vigil to pay tribute to the students who died on the mall massacare. For this, the P E teacher makes dena and the rest of the students attendence compulsorily. Dena goes to the Sunnyvale school along with her custom and the rest of the students. There she saw Sam with a guy named Peter who was a footballer. Peter was literally groping Sam, which irks Dena. The enmity between the two teams was quite old, during the Vigil itself both the teams started fighting. After the match, Sam meets Dena where Dena wishes her a good bye by giving her some of her belongings. Denna was angry here as her heart was broken. awwww

Later, Peter and Sunny-vale footballers were following the Shadyside football team bus from their car. They were abusing them, throwing bottles at them. Sam was also with him in the car. Dena gets very angry seeing this, she opens the emergency exit door and goes to pour ice cubes on them. But Kate stops her and says you are bleeding from the nose. When Denna starts checking her nose, the ice box falls from her hand and directly lands on the incoming Sunnyvalers car, causing a car accident. Later we see Sam crawling out of the car, she was bleeding from the nose too. Now her hand soaked in blood goes under the soil as the place was soft. Along with this, Sam starts seeing some visions and hearing voices.Later we see Dena, Simon and Kate besides Sam, and they apologize to her. Sam vomits blood here, which falls on Simon's shirt and Dena's boot. Later, Peter threatens Dena for a car crash.

All these kids lie to officer Good by saying it was just an accident. Now we here a lady's whispering voice from Peter's car crash site. On next day evening Dena was watching news on TV where janitor Martin was giving a byte to a reporter. Martin says Ryan was a good person, he enjoyed reading comics. He also believed that Rayan was possessed. The police had now declared Ryan to be a serial killer. On the same night we see a man wearing a skull mask in front of Dena's house. Dena thinks it's Peter who has arrived here to prank her. Dena comes inside the house after shouting at him for minutes. After a few moments, we see the same man in front of Dena's kitchen, this time there was a knife in his hand. This time Josh also saw that man. Dena angrily goes out with a knife, but that guy vanished in thin air.

Dena angrily sends a message on the pager to Kate. haaa haaa. how can we forget those days when we used to send messages on that little black box. Kate and Simon were doing babysitting work in one house. Simon wore the same shirt he had last night, the one on which Sam's blood was all over. Kate asks Simon to change it. Kate reads Dena's message and calls her back. Dena tells her about stocking Peter. Suddenly there was some noise in Kate's house, upon checking it, the same skull mask man was there too. He was looking for something in the clothes. As soon as he sees Kate and Simon, he disappears. later we see Confused, Simon and Kate arrive at Dena's house, where Simon was wearing the same shirt with blood stains. These three were very angry with Sam as for them it seemed the prank has gone too far.

These three and Josh arrive at the hospital where Sam was admitted. Dena accuses Peter of pranks, which Sam denies. Sam says peter was with me this whole time. Upon seeing Peter there, Dena starts arguing with Sam. Suddenly we see blood coming out of Peter's mouth where that skull maskman has stabbed him. Sam and Dena scream in panic and start to run away from him by attacking him. The rest of the kids also started running as they also saw the Skull Maskman. In a hurry, they high jack an ambulance parked outside the hospital. How convenient, somebody just left an ambulence for kids to drive around like a toy. Sam and Dena hide at the reception counter where Skull Maskman kills a few nurses. Later he tries to aattck Sam, but Dena attacks him first from behind. She opens his mask and we see Ryan again. this dead dude was killing people whom Dena identifies as Ryan from news. She was confused and in panic, so without thinking much she ran away from him.

Now the kids are at the police station and explaining everything to officer Good. Here we see Martin being arrested for some petty crimes which he denies. Officer Good shows these kids the photo of Ryan and says I myself have killed this boy, dead can't kill people. He knew the lying habit of these kids, hence he does not take the words of these kids seriously. Dena starts shouting angrily while leaving the station. She pushes another officer and steals his pistol.

We see Simon taking a leak around a corner where he hears an old song. A teenage girl was sitting by the road side of the road and was singing that song. As Simon approaches her, she attacks his legs with a shaving blade. Simon starts running, but she drops him and sits on top of him. While these two were fighting, the girl's locket fell away. She was about to run the blade blindly on Simon when Dena fired shots at her from behind. Simon gets up and starts running while the attacker girl also gets up. Apparently, she hadn't died and black liquid was coming out of her body.

Later we see these kids at Dena's house where Simon was completely freaked out. He explains everything exactly how it happened. On hearing this, Josh brings up one old newspaper clipping which was about that teenager, Ruby Lane. He asks Simon if this is that girl to which Simon says yes. Now Josh starts narrating the Shady-side's history. It was said that Ruby Lane was a teenager who had murdered her friends and died by cutting her hand with a shaving blade. In the year 1978, a psycho killed several people at Camp Nightwing. In 1950, a milkman named Harry Rooker killed several housewives. 1935 Humpty Couple Killer Case, 1922 Billy Barker Case, 1904 Grifter Guts Girls Case, 1666 pastor Miller Case. All These People Were Normal Before, But Suddenly they changed. By showing these things, Josh justifies his Witch theory about this town. Kate recognises the 1978 incident as her aunt died there. Sam can't digest this brutal history, she starts vomiting blood again. Dena takes care of her, and these two start talking. These two were now coming close again as they discussed their pain and feeling. Sam says she had no choice but to go to sunnyvale as her mom got divorced. Sam was hesitant to openly accept her sexuality and love towards Dena.

Meanwhile, Josh continues with his lecture and says in the year 1666, Sarah Fier was hanged by people for which craft. Since then she has been taking revenge and has been committing crime by possessing good men of the town. Many people believe that she cheated death before dying. As written in the nursery rhymes, just before she died, she did a trick by cutting her cursed hand. She made a deal with the devil to take revenge on the town's people for generations to come. Here Josh believes that this story is true and that the witch is really behind all this. Kate here raises an important question of why they are being haunted. What have they done wrong to her?. Sam answers this question by saying I saw the witch yesterday. Near the car crash site, I had a few visions, I am pretty sure it was her.

All the kids now come to the crash site in an ambulance. Sam puts his hand in the mud by the side of the car. There she finds some bones, Josh finds a lock on which Fier was written. This means that yesterday Sam inadvertently disturbed the grave of Sarah Fier. Simon here suggests a silly idea. He says, like in the film poltergeist, if we fix this grave and apologize, then there may be a chance that she will spare us. Josh likes this idea, and kids start to re-arrang those bones in a proper order. Meanwhile, Sam's nose was bleeding again, when she touches Bone with her blood-smeared hand, she gets that vision again. This time witch says Its you. It's you. Meaning the witch was only behind Sam and not the rest of the kids. The kids now close the grave and say sorry. At the same time, we see another witch's henchmen advancing towards these kids. He was the Nighatwing killer of 1978. He starts attacking everyone with an axe. The kids survive somehow and start running again in the ambulance. Here Sam explains to everyone that the witch is really just after her, the rest have nothing to do with her. But Dena here disagrees and says, what about the skull maskman attacking her at her own house? What about he attacking Kate and Simon at their baby sitting house?

Then Kate suddenly stops the ambulance and says the maskman was not stocking us, he was searching for some clothes. She then tears Simons jacket and shows the blood-stained shirt. She points at Dena's shoes which were also stained with blood. Kate says the henchmen are using Sam's blood as a GPS tracker. Josh now suggests an idea of using Sam as a bait to kill these henchmen to which Denna objects. But Sam agrees, and these kids go ahead with their plan. The officer Good checks the hospital where he finds dead bodies. He also finds Ruby's necklace on the road.

All these kids arrive at school and take a good shower to clean any trace of blood. Later, Dena cuts Sam's hand and collects a few drops of her blood in a bucket. Simon fetches some highly flammable chemicals and pours them around the girls' toilet. Josh also rubs water filled with Sam's blood around the toilet. All these kids now make Sam sit on that toilet, there was an opening above to escape. Dena Simon, Josh and Kate were now waiting outside. After some time, Skull mask, Ruby, Nightwing Killer arrives at the school and goes straight to the toilet. As soon as they enter the room Kete locks them in. Dena sets the fire. The fire starts burning all three of them. Yes, here Sam had run away from the toilet through that opening above. After some time, the kids see a black sledge everywhere. But like in the Terminator Part 2 film, this sludge was rejoining again. Meaning these henchmen were un killable.

Now we see kids hiding in a class room. Kate says we tried everything we could to save Sam from the witch's curse, but now it's time. If it's really Sam that the Witch needs, then it's better we give her that, else we all will die. Sam says yes to this, but Dena says no. She tries to stop Sam from leaving the room, but Simon grabs her. Now Sam was waiting outside the room when Josh found one of his old news clippings. He was carrying all his data in his back pack, apparently. Anyway, he says in the year 1978 there was one girl named C. Berman who claimed that she too saw the witch, she was the sole survivor of the massacre. Dena calls C. Burman by getting her number from the telephone directory. Yes, those were the days when privacy was public. Dene gets no response as it was on the answering machine. Later Sam finds out that C. Burman survived that massare by dying first, she was clinically dead for a few minutes then later was revived by CPR. The kids now decide to try this dangerous method all by themselves as they had no option.

We now see Officer GOOD in front of a deserted house, he put a message under that house. In which it was written It's Happening Again. Meaning, it is clear that the good officer knew something that he was not telling anyone. Maybe we will come to know about it in the next movie. All the kids now come to the same mall which we saw in the First Scene. It was late at night, so there was no one in the mall. This was Simon's part-time workplace too. Here he tells about his brother Timothy's case. How he died of drug overdose and how he was saved from an adrenaline injection. He also gives all the drugs to Sam and asks her to take it at an interval. He gives Dena adrenaline injections. Sam asks Kate to go home as she doesn't want to put her in danger. Kate decides to remain with her friend till the very end. Awww, so nice. Now Simon, Kate and Josh go to a different part of the mall by smearing Sam's blood on them so as to distract the killers. Now Sam takes that drug pill. For some time killers didn't arrive, but when Sam was fully wasted, Skull Mask arrived. He tries to attack her and Dena, but Katte arrives in time and sets him on fire. This pisses him off as he starts chasing her. Later he later catches her and shreds her face in a shredding machine. Dena was running with Sam where she lost the rest of her drugs. In order to save Sam from the henchman, Sam's heart needed to be stopped by any cost. Dena now immerses Sam’s face in a fish tank so that she can die by drowning.

Kate dies a horrible death. Simon and Josh were seeing her dead body in shock. Just then, the Nightwing killer hits Simon in the head with an axe. Simon also dies. Skull Maskman was now chasing Josh who fell in front of Dena. Suddenly, Sam's heart stops now due to drowning, she dies clinically. As soon as she dies, the skull Maskman disappears. Dena gives Sam three adrenaline injections, due to which Sam comes to her senses after a few moments.

Later Officer Goode takes a separate interview of Sam Dena and Josh where all three tell a bunch of lies again. Good says after taking a good look at Sam, you are looking like a ghost. He declares Simon and Kate to be victims of a drug-related cartel gang war. Next night when Dena and Sam were intimate, Dena got a call from Lady C Burman. Burman says you are alive as of now, you have stopped the henchmen of the witch but not the witch. She makes the rules, you are not safe. Here we see some glimpses of that witch, she was doing some rituals. There were names of all the people who were possessed by the witch. Now Sam's name gets added to it. Now Deena turns around where we see possessed Sam, she stabs Deena. After a struggle, Deena subdues Sam and ties her up just as Josh runs back upstairs. Deena then looks at Sam and vows to bring her back from possession. All while Sam roars at her. We also see an end credits in the film where Dena and Josh meet C. Burman. She starts telling them her 1978 story. Which is the story of the second film in this series. 

So, friends, this was the story of the film Fear Street Part 1, 1994. The film is top class. It is 100% Stranger Things inspired. The unknown lady Josh was chatting with on the internet could be a witch. As in his chatting English, the word thou was used repeatedly. Which was actually the word of the Old English. The film is set at a very fast pace, it may seem exhausting at first, but overall, it's a good film.

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